Some Wonderware Archestra Ide Tips

How to restore an ArchestrA Galaxy?

Prerequisite: Intouch 11 with Patch 1 and “ArchestrA IDE” installed.

It is assumed that no Galaxy exists yet and the name of the Galaxy to be restored is MyGalaxy.

Start the “ArchestrA IDE” and create a new Galaxy with the name “MyGalaxy”. For more details please refer to the documentation of Invensys Systems, “ArchestrA™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) User’s Guide”.

Connect to the Galaxy, if everything is working close the “ArchestrA IDE”.

Open the “Wonderware System Management Console” and restore the Galaxy “MyGalaxy”.

Fig. 1: Restore a Galaxy

Close the “Wonderware System Management Console” and open the “ArchestrA IDE” again and connect to the “MyGalaxy”.

Fig. 2: Connect to the restored Galaxy

How to open the Intouch Application contained in a Galaxy?

For example, suppose the name of the Intouch application is VIGA.

Click on the plus sign on the left side of the Galaxy with the name “Name-Of-Galaxy” to expand it. Select system and right click on $VIGA. Select “Open” to open the Intouch Project/Application.

Fig. 3: Select the project…

Fig. 4: …and open it

To start the application from the “Intouch Window Maker” open the start window and start the runtime.

Important remark:

If you get the following message while opening the Intouch project on the target computer answer the message with “Yes”.

Fig. 5: Import message

Important is, that the message says ”… convert the application resolution without scaling …“.

Never rescale the application!

How to deploy the Intouch Application?

Suppose the name of the Intouch application is VIGA.

Close the “Intouch Window Maker” and “Intouch Viewer”.

Fig. 6: Publish the Intouch application

Select $VIGA and right click on it. If “Check In” is available first select it and check in all changes.

Now select “Publish InTouch Application…” and follow the instructions. Publish the application to C:\Users\Public\Wonderware\Intouch Applications”.

After the application is published open the “Intouch Application Manager” and find and run the application as always.

To start the application automatically with Windows add the “Intouch Viewer” to the Windows Startup folder (e.g. a shortcut to ”C:\Program Files (x86)\Wonderware\InTouch\view.exe”).

The “Intouch Viewer” will automatically start the last Intouch Application.

To disable the AutoStart of the application close the Intouch Viewer and remove the shortcut to it from the windows startup folder.

If you make any changes to the application, you must republish it.